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No Animal Testing Declaration

No Animal Testing Declaration

Premier Gel LTD are proud to confirm as an ethical business it has not, does not and will not condone the testing of cosmetics on animals in anyway

Premier Gel LTD does not commission or endorse any animal testing what so ever during the manufacturing process the finished product or any of the ingredients

In line with legislation Premier Gel LTD are in full compliance with the European Cosmetic Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 relating to cosmetic products and our products have not been tested on animals

Premier Gel LTD do not use any materials that contain animal derivatives that are unsuitable for vegetarians/vegans and only buying materials from companies that are not involved in the use of, or commission the use of animal testing

We firmly believe animal testing is abhorrent and not acceptable in any way shape or form whatsoever

Premier Gel LTD are registered on the cosmetic products notification portal (CPNP)