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Hema Free Liquid Builder gel application guide

The Premier Gel Hema Free Liquid Builder Gel is formulated with a higher viscosity, resulting in a slightly thicker consistency than typical nail gels. 






For achieving strong, durable nails with a professional finish, follow these detailed steps for applying liquid builder gel (LBG):








Warm the Gel: Before use, we advise gently warming the gel inside its bottle. This can be achieved by placing the bottle on a heat pad, making the gel easier to work with.






  1. Application: After your base coat has fully cured, apply a thin layer of your chosen LBG from the cuticle to the free edge, making sure to cap the edge for full coverage.

  2. Applying the Builder Gel: Pick up a small bead of LBG and apply it from the cuticle to the free edge, ensuring thorough coverage and capping the free edge. Take an appropriate amount of liquid builder gel, let the gel gather on the same side of brush, and extend it from the back edge of nail. Make sure the brush only touches the gel and not the nail surface. If you find the brush to be too soft you can use a nail art brush which is a bit sturdier.

  3. Curing the Layer: Wait for liquid builder gel leveled then cure. Cure under a minimum 48w lamp for 60-90 seconds. Due to the thicker nature of LBG, be aware of potential heat spikes. If this occurs, briefly remove the hand from the lamp to cool before re-curing.
  4. Self-Leveling: LBG is self-leveling, so for optimal results, work on two nails at a time (thumb separately) to maintain evenness across all nails. You may also invert or hold upside down the hand briefly to aid leveling and eliminate imperfections.

  5. Curing the Builder Gel: Cure under a 48w LED lamp for 60-90 seconds. If your client feels a heat spike, temporarily remove their hand from under the lamp and extend the curing time as needed to compensate.

  6. Additional Layers: For enhanced strength, an extra layer of LBG may be applied following the same steps as above, although this is optional.

  7. Removing the Sticky Layer: Use a lint-free pad soaked in a gel residue wipe-off solution (or pure acetone as an alternative) to remove the sticky residue from the cured builder gel.

  8. Buffing: If there are any imperfections, gently buff the nails with a premier gel buffing block to smooth out the surface.

  9. Dust Removal: Ensure all dust from buffing is thoroughly removed before proceeding.

At this point, your nails are prepared for either a color application or a final top coat, depending on your desired finish. This process guarantees a robust foundation for beautiful, long-lasting gel nails.