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Wholesaler for professional nail artists. Professional use only.

Application Guides


  • - Premier Gels are cosmetic product safety assessed by qualified toxicologists;
  • - Premier Gel is for professional use only;
  • - Safe levels of Hema are present in Premier Gels, however Hema can cause allergic reaction;
  • - Read directions for use carefully;
  • - Not for use by children;
  • - For external use only;
  • - May cause eye & skin irritation;
  • - Avoid all skin contact;
  • - If redness other signs occur stop use immediately.
  • - Keep tightly sealed;
  • - Keep out of direct sun light;
  • - The product should not be used in a small room without ventilation;
  • - Nail polish - Apply onto nail plate and cure under UV/Led light;
  • - Under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use the product should not cause damage to human health;
  • - Specifications of substances in the packaging showed no potential problems with regard to product safety;
  • - Premier Gel is low microbiologically risk.