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Product Safety (MSDS)

 At Premier Gel HQ 💖, we prioritize the safety of our cosmetic products above all else. The cornerstone of cosmetic regulations is to protect public health while ensuring a competitive market thrives.

We want to remind our esteemed clients and partners that Premier Gels are exclusively for professional use. Our commitment to safety is demonstrated through rigorous Cosmetic Product Safety Reports (CPSR), conducted by experienced toxicologists and safety assessors. These reports undergo thorough assessment in accordance with stringent cosmetic regulations to ensure every product meets the highest safety standards.

Oversight and regulation of our products are in the hands of esteemed bodies, including the Secretary of State, Northern Ireland (NI) district councils, and the European Union (EU), who serve as competent authorities. Furthermore, trading standards play a crucial role as the enforcement authority, ensuring compliance and safety across the board.

We are delighted to provide access to the Premier Gel Material Safety Data Sheets below, reaffirming our transparency and dedication to safety. These documents are an integral part of our commitment to not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements, safeguarding the wellbeing of our users and the public.


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