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Hema free Rubber Base application guide

Preparation guide

- Sanitize Hands: Sanitize both your and your customer's hands thoroughly to maintain a hygienic working environment and prevent any contamination during the nail application process.

1. Cleanse: Start by eliminating any existing nail polish or impurities on the natural nail. Use 100% pure acetone applied on a lint free pad for thorough a cleanse.
2. Cuticle care: Gently push the cuticles back and remove any dead skin or cuticle on the surface of the nail plate. This ensures a clean canvas for your application.
3. Buff the Nails: With a 180 grit nail file, gently file over the natural nail to remove the surface shine and buff the nails in line with your professional training to create a surface that promotes strong adhesion of the gel.
4. Shaping: File the free edge of the nail into your desired shape, moving the file in one direction to prevent damage.
5. Dusting: Brush off any filing dust using a dusting brush to keep the nail surface clean.
6. De-greasing: Wipe over the nail plate with pure acetone in a backward motion (towards the cuticle) to remove any remaining dust or oils.
7. Prepping: Although optional, using a dehydrator and an acid-free primer can maximize adhesion for a longer-lasting effect.
8. Clean and Dry: Ensure that the nails are thoroughly dry and clean before application.


The Premier Gel Hema Free Rubber Base is formulated with a higher viscosity, resulting in a slightly thicker consistency than typical nail gels. For optimal results with Premier Gel's Hema Free Rubber Base, follow these application steps:

- Warm the Gel: Before use, we advise gently warming the gel inside its bottle. This can be achieved by placing the bottle on a heat pad, making the gel easier to work with.

1. Control Gel Quantity: Avoid overloading your brush with the gel. A small amount is sufficient for each nail.
2. Apply Gel: Dip the brush lightly into the bottle, picking up just a small drop of the Hema Free Rubber Base.
3. Angle and Apply: Hold the brush at a 30-degree angle and apply a thin layer of gel to the nail surface, avoiding contact with the cuticle area and skin.
4. Even Out the Gel: Brush the gel across the nail several times to spread it evenly and prevent any thick spots or buildup.
5. Seal the Edge: Ensure you seal the free edge of each nail with the gel to encapsulate the tip and promote durability.
6. Curing: Cure the applied gel under a nail lamp (minimum of 48w) for a minimum of 60 seconds, or opt for 90 to 120 seconds on a low heat setting if preferred. If your client feels a heat spike, temporarily remove their hand from under the lamp and extend the curing time as needed to compensate.
7. Final Cure: Once the Rubber Base is fully cured, proceed with the next steps of your nail enhancement procedure.

Following these steps will ensure the Premier Gel Rubber Base adheres correctly, laying the foundation for a lasting and high-quality gel nail application. For more detailed technical support please refer to your professional training educational provider.