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Top Coat Application Guide

Stage 1: Preparation and Base Application

  1. Cleanse Nails: Begin by removing existing polish or impurities using 100% pure acetone on a lint-free pad.
  2. Cuticle Care: Push back and remove dead skin or cuticle from the nail plate.
  3. Buffing: Use a 180-grit file to gently remove the surface shine from the natural nail.
  4. Shaping: File the free edge into your desired shape, ensuring to move in one direction to prevent damage.
  5. Dusting: Brush off any residual dust from the filing.
  6. De-greasing: Wipe the nail plate towards the cuticle with pure acetone to remove any leftover dust or oils.
  7. Nail Prep: Apply a dehydrator and an acid-free primer to prepare the nail. While optional, this step enhances adhesion.
  8. Base Coat Selection: Choose a base coat suited to your needs:
    • Rubber Base: Ideal for weaker nails, offering added strength.
    • 2in1 Base: Perfect for long-lasting color gel nails with a thinner consistency.
    • Tulip Rubber Base: Best for enhancing the opacity of lighter colors, providing the same benefits as the regular rubber base.
    • White Rubber Base: Also great for making light colors more opaque.
  9. Application: Apply a thin layer of the selected base coat, capping the free edge.
  10. Curing: Cure under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Color Application:

  1. Apply Color: Choose your color and apply a thin, even layer from the cuticle to the free edge, capping the free edge.
  2. Clean Up: Remove any gel on the skin before curing.
  3. Curing: Cure for 30 seconds under a UV/LED lamp. Repeat for a second coat, and add more layers if necessary for the desired opacity.
  4. Top Coat Preparation: Once the color is set, you're ready to apply the top coat.

Stage 2: Top Coat and Finishing Touches

  1. Top Coat Options: Select from high shine non-wipe, matte, rubber, or pearl top coats for the desired finish.
  2. Application: Start with a generous amount of product on your brush. Apply from the cuticle, over the entire nail, capping the free edge.
  3. Curing: Cure under a UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds.
  4. Hydrate: Finish by applying cuticle oil to rehydrate the nails and skin.

Aftercare: Follow our aftercare guide to ensure your gel nails remain beautiful and healthy for as long as possible.