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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do i prep for use of Premier Gel Products
A.The correct preparation of the natural nail plate is vital to promote the longevity of our products, we recommend only dry prep, this includes cuticle work, file and shape of free edge and then gently buff the shine off the natural nail with a 180 grit file, wipe with pure acetone only to remove any dirt and oils, DO NOT let your client touch their nails after this has been done as this will put back any oils you've just removed, and could cause service breakdown, we recommend only using Premier Gel bases as all our products work as a system to promote longevity of the treatment provided to your client. As with any system its best to use 1 brand rather than multiple.

Q. What are your gel polishes
A. Our products are a 100% gel formula.

Q. Are your gel polishes soak off
A. Most of our gel polish colours are soak off, just use pure acetone to soak them, we recommend before soaking to file off any top coat first to allow for the acetone to properly penetrate the gel polish, 10-15 mins should be enough for this to be removed.

Q. Liquid Builder Gel ( LBG )
A. This comes in many colours and is a liquid builder gel ( LBG ) and is very versatile, great for overlays, and short extensions, and is a great way to grow your own healthy nails, we recommend that this be infilled at every appointment.

Q. Rubber base and Foundation 2 in 1 base, what is the difference?
A. Rubber base is a stronger base coat that helps to add strength to very weak and bendy nails,
Foundation 2 in 1 is a "normal" base coat recommended for healthy nails. Both can be used on natural nails and over enhancements as a base for colour etc.

Q. Curing times - how long should i cure Premier Gel products
A. This will depend entirely on your own lamps capabilities, we recommend if using a 48 watt LED lamp, colours can be cured in as little as 20-30 seconds, base coats 30-60 seconds and top coats 45-60 seconds, these timings are just a guide and will depend on your own lamp.

Gel polish won’t stay on the sides and tips of nails after application, why?

This is known as "slippage" of the colour. To prevent this, take a dry lint-free wipe and remove the moisture layer after curing the base layer. DO NOT use cleanser. You want the surface to stay slightly tacky and cleanser will remove it completely. Another option is to apply the first layer of color and cure one nail at a time, not allowing it time to slip.

Gel Polish is going hard in the bottle, why?

Gel Polish is light sensitive. If the product is placed near a window or under a light it may cure in the bottle over time. Be sure to store your gel polish away from sunlight, in a dark place or a drawer. Do not put it in a refrigerator as this will cause the gel to thicken, store at room temperature. Keep bottle well away from you nail lamp, always replace the lid tightly between uses during manicure process.

KEEP OPEN BOTTLES AWAY FROM UV/LED LAMP stored in a dark place at room temperature.

Will Gel Polish chip?

Premier Gel Polish should be slightly flexible and last up 4 weeks . If it is chipping prematurely, this indicates something went wrong in the application process,  be sure to follow our application instructions carefully for a longer lasting manicure when you re-apply.

Will Gel Polish damage my nails?

No but damage could occur if you are too aggressive when buffing during the prep or removal process. Make sure you buff your natural nails carefully.

Is acetone dangerous for my nails?

Soaking nails in acetone is completely safe if done correctly. If you are having some issues with this process, apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles and fingertips before soaking, this will help protect your skin.  Always read the label for safe usage!