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High Shine Non wipe Top Coat - Premier Gel

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Cosmetic product safety tested in the United Kingdom 🇬🇧

  • Hema Free
  • Professional Use Only
  • Our Amazing High Shine Non-Wipe Top Coat Formula
  • 100% Premier Gel Quality
  • Non-Wipe

Enhanced Durability and Appearance:

  • Helps Nails Look Brighter for Longer
  • Prevents Chipping
  • Long-Lasting High Shine
  • No Yellowing

Ease of Use:

  • Fast Soak Off
  • Easy Application & Coverage
  • For optimal application, gently warming the gel bottle before use is recommended

Compatibility and Packaging:

  • Hema Free gel has a higher viscosity (slightly thicker consistency)
  • UV / LED Curable
  • 10 ml Salon Size Bottle
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